Elevate Your Brand. Maximize Impact.

Connect with engaged & motivated consumers on the in-store INEO Retail Media network – with more than 29M customers & 2.8B annual impressions, featuring Staples® and other fine retailers

15 Minutes of Direct Viewing Time via strategically placed screens

87% of consumers respond to targeted messaging in a retail store

Your brand, product or services displayed in an advertising safe environment

Why Advertise with INEO Retail Media?

Why Advertise with INEO Retail Media?

INEO’s digital screens are placed inside retail stores to allow brands to directly reach motivated shoppers

Target Specific Audiences

INEO knows our audience.
INEO can target via geocode, retailer demographic and many more options – you name it INEO can do it


INEO gives advertisers the ability to reach an audience which would normally require targeting via multiple other channels

Supercharge Your Business with Digital In-Store Advertising – Elevate Your Brand, Boost Sales, and Captivate Customers!

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Revolutionize Your Reach with INEO Retail Media – Unleash Programmatic Power, Nail Contextual Messaging and Stay Ahead with Dynamic Promotions.


Premium stores with premium demographics. Learn more about our variety of screens here… ->


Captivate Decision Makers in Shopping Mode with Premium Advertising! Learn more here…-

What to Expect?

At INEO Retail Media, we create meaningful connections between you and your customers. Our cutting-edge tools and  technology enhance every facet of their retail journey, delivering increased personal benefits for them and a boosted bottom line for you. Together, let’s elevate the retail experience!

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