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Our installations vary from location to location and are completely customized according to your advertising needs and targets. See where we’ve successfully enabled targeted advertising.



INEO’s systems communicate with one another to power the in-store Retail Media Network providing retailers with an advertising platform throughout the store

Welcoming PEDESTAL (EAS)

Welcoming G.A.T.E. (EAS)

Welcoming PLAYER

Welcoming DUO (EAS)

Welcoming GREETER

INEO’s patented technology allows it to install digital screens in a retail store’s most valuable real estate — its front entrance and all other high traffic areas of the store

Digital Signage

Deliver customers a Brand Positive image with the first thing they see when they enter the store. Integrated CMS or API for third party CMS.

Cloud Dashboard

View traffic count, alarm events, health of the system and more from your desktop or mobile phone. Detailed reports and data feeds on alarm counts and trends.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizes cutting-edge neural net technology to give hyper accurate customer counts plus deliver optional demographic info such as age and gender. Analyzes alarm events to deliver Organized Retail Crime Alerts (ORCA)

Loss Prevention

Integrated Loss Prevention with video capture of alarm events and real time notifications to mobile devices. Available in RF 8.2MHz, AM 58KHz and RFID

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