About INEO Retail Media

INEO Retail Media is an advertising network originator. We own and manage all of the screens on our network and have exclusive advertising rights with our retailers. At INEO Retail Media, we sell and manage advertising inventory on our direct network in 240 prime retail locations throughout the US and Canada. INEO Retail Media currently has the capability to deliver more that 3.6 billion advertising impressions to over 38 million customers annually and is targeting to have over 5,000 screens in place by the end of 2025 with traffic of approximately 27 billion ad impressions and 250 million people reached.

INEO’s screen placement strategy delivers an immersive advertising experience where the consumer can see one of INEO’s screens at all times while shopping in the retail store. INEO’s cutting edge technology is proprietary and the Company continues to add new features and release new products with great velocity. INEO’s AI initiatives are delivering new opportunities for retailers and advertisers.

INEO Retail Media is a wholly-owned operating division of INEO Solutions Inc.

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